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Latest Posts

No Matter What

ThunderFoot: Part I Spring is a season of newness and growth.  Days are brighter.  Moods are sunnier.  With spring comes a feeling of joy and energy.  We had a long, cool spring last year, filled with crisp days and chilly nights.  Many families found new hobbies involving outdoor activities, such as gardening, riding bikes, andContinue reading “No Matter What”

Get Down to the Water

The tides have always been a part of my life.  As children, we would spend our summer days in the water.  Sometimes we would play on the shoals.  At other times, we would pass right over them as if they were never there.  The shape of our aquatic playground changed daily, hourly, minute by minute. Continue reading “Get Down to the Water”

Warm Wishes

Dear Reader, I hope you are staying warm this winter! I know so many of you miss all the other seasons! Take advantage of these extra cold weekends and cook something warm and comforting. This weekend, I chose to make Lasagna Soup. I first created this soup last year during our annual “Souper Bowl” competition.Continue reading “Warm Wishes”

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