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Warm Wishes

Dear Reader, I hope you are staying warm this winter! I know so many of you miss all the other seasons! Take advantage of these extra cold weekends and cook something warm and comforting. This weekend, I chose to make Lasagna Soup. I first created this soup last year during our annual “Souper Bowl” competition.Continue reading “Warm Wishes”

Just Another Day

I celebrated a birthday this week!  And on this birthday, I learned a new lesson.  I think it is natural – or at least healthy – to always be learning.  There are so many things we can learn each day.  As a teacher, I enjoy modeling for my students that learning never stops, just becauseContinue reading “Just Another Day”

A New Year, A New Goal

The new year is full of reflection, promises, hope, and resolutions! You know the ones that are easy to predict – wake up early, get healthy, save money, and more! I read somewhere to just pick one word and let that be your goal for the new year.  Feeling optimistic, I chose two words –Continue reading “A New Year, A New Goal”

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